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There is nothing that is not lost among the tireless mirrors (Borges)

The new sculpture, like Painting, Cultured, following the way outdated of-the-art, that is, places it beyond the daily irretrievable and random, in a mythic dimension that is open to the invention, an inalienable right. More than in the large size it is implemented predominantly in the small, the only one capable of “containing” the infinitely large to the image or shape . Now the space is more symbolic than structural, while the plastic generates overlaps with the cadences archaic. As a place of inventions mythical, the sculpture of Paul Villages alludes to the precise spatial inanimate but plenty of thrill mediterranean, where the image is “inside” the place of the “gigantic”, but rather, it is the size unapproachable, as in Magritte and alberto Savinio.

The environmental effect is combinatorial, the image undergoes a sort of metamorphosis. Graft reveals multiple different plans, extension illusionisticamente the differences in space that make it a ”voluptuous”, the image in-place. A fluid mysterious has shaped the field (bronze dough or artificial) from the surreal colours. Sculpture of Paul Villages there is a false “wonderful”, without which the image-it is not only a quote. In fact, it is her beauty to make visible the birth of the heaven, the earth, the sea and form. The event is so circumscribed, so as to render inaccessible the transformation itself is symbolic. The image-place, therefore, is a “fairy tale”, a kind of mysterious object through which the sculpture defines its shape unavailable, imbued with the silence and wait, as the “sleeping Town” by Marcel Schwob. The secret silence, the illusory distance, that the game's open cliff with his grafts broken constitute the substance of figural sculpture of Paul Villages. Concentrated pictorial almost aberrant and effect, it is something unique and vulnerable, poised on its own growth. The sculpture is then a “statue” that sees mirages, causes fictions and concentrated in its court classic, the visual obsessions amazing.

ltalo Mussa

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