2019 New Cathedral Lamezia Terme

The Architect Paolo Portoghesi Ambo

2011 South Korea

Sculptural group consisting of 18 figures in patinated bronze

2009 Calcata

The new church arch. Paolo Portoghesi, altar in terracotta

2008 Duomo of Milan

Marble portrait of the Blessed Luigi Monza

2006 the Cathedral of Terni

Cross in silver, bronze and precious stones, front 1

2005 the Cathedral of El Salvador

San Salvador, the tomb of the bronze of the Archbishop, martyr Archbishop Oscar Romero

2002 Cathedral of Terni

Marble altar

2000 our Lady of Fatima

Terracotta, exterior Chapel Cent Cascina San Martino, Noceto-arch. Paolo Zermani

1999 Portal in bronze and marble

The new Basilica of St. Francis of Paola (CS)

1999 official Medal for the 2000 Jubilee

for the Jubilee year 2000

1994 parish Church of Malnate San Martino

Bronze panel, bell tower, cm h 275x275

1992 Geometry

Statuary marble

1992 Trieste new stadium Nike

Marble (detail)

1992 Trieste Nike

Stadium, Trieste

1991 Chapel of St. Paul, the Church of Malnate (VA)

Terracotta life-size

1990 Alcamo, Chapel Don Rizzo

The high-relief marble statuary, mt 3,80

1989 Agrigento, Apollo and Daphne

Wheel Center, statuario marble, Palazzo dei Congressi, arch. Ryan scott

1987 Los Angeles

Wheel Center, marble

1984 Basilica of S. S. Peter and Paul, Milan

Port copper

1970 the Church Rovellasca (CO) S. S Peter and Paul

Biografia di Paolo Borghi

Biography of Paolo Borghi

2011 south Korea

1999 Portal in bronze and marble

1992 Geometry 3

1992 Geometry 2

1992 Geometry

1992 Trieste new stadium

1992 Trieste new stadium

1992 Trieste Nike

2002 Cathedral of Terni 2

2002 Cathedral of Terni

2019 New Cathedral Lamezia Terme

2019 New Cathedral Lamezia Terme

2010 Crucifix in silver, bronze and precious stones 2

2010 Crucifix in silver, bronze and precious stones: 1

2009 Calcata

2008 Duomo of Milan

2006 the Cathedral of Terni 2

2006 the Cathedral of Terni 1

2005 the Cathedral of El Salvador

2000 our Lady of Fatima

1991 Chapel of St. Paul, the Church of Malnate (VA)

1990 Alcamo, Chapel Don Rizzo

1989 Agrigento, Apollo and Daphne

1987 Los Angeles

1984 Basilica of S. S. Peter and Paul, Milan

1970 the Church Rovellasca (CO) S. S Peter and Paul

Door in bronze, h cm. 550

Without title 13

Colored pencils

Untitled 12

Colored pencils

Untitled 11

Colored pencils

Untitled 10

Colored pencils

Untitled 9

Colored pencils

Untitled 8

Colored pencils

Untitled 7

Colored pencils

Untitled 6

Colored pencils

Untitled 5

Colored pencils

Untitled 4

Colored pencils

Untitled 3

Colored pencils

Untitled 2

Colored pencils


Colored pencils

The rock red

Colored pencils, 2000-2001, cm 100x70

The white cliffs

Pastel on paper, 1996, cm 70x50

The rock of Scilla

Drawing on paper, 1998, cm 100x70

The ambivalence of light

Mixed technique on paper, 2016, cm70x50

Input hard

Pencils-colored, 2001, cm100x70

Eternal instability

Colored pencils, 2000, cm 100x70

Contemplating the night

Mixed technique on paper, 2016,cm 70x40

The dream of the faun

Terracotta, 2006, cm 137x48x33

Summer solstice

Terracotta, 2006, cm 85x46x31

The tree of life

Terracotta, 2004, cm 245x80x58

Torso English

Terracotta, 2005, cm 82x70x43

Landscape folded

Terracotta, 2004, cm 106x27x36

The echo of the angel

Terracotta, 2003, cm 110x30x19

Figures and flowering

Painted terra-cotta, 2003, cm 201x5x43


Polychrome Terracotta, 2003, cm 115x53x38

The cliffs of Sappho

Polychrome Terracotta, 1998, cm 104x183x89

In the land of the Esperos

Terracotta, 1997, cm 87x108x35


Terracotta, 1996, cm 73x103x38

The venus of the crystals

Terracotta, 1996, cm 139x91x45

The condition of the look

Terracotta, 1996, cm 131x60x72

In the wind of Thrace

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 168x68x50


Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 157x80x45

The great divide

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 88x88x48

The city of cypress

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 159x97x39

Escape from the city

Polychrome Terracotta, 1995, cm 96x58x31

Erosion infinite

Terra-cotta, 1992, cm 123x220

Ride interrupted

Terra-cotta, 1990, cm 132x173x83


Bronze, 2018, cm 76x54x21

The persistence of memory

Bronze, 2018, cm. 46,5x81x23


Patinated bronze, 2014, cm 212x39x34

Times overlapping

Bronze, 2014, cm 88x37x19


Bronze, 2014, cm 198x55x53

Outstanding song two

Patinated bronze, 2014, cm 224x46x32

The hidden city

Bronze, 2014, cm 100x31x38


Bronze, 2014, cm 113x50x37

Walking on the branches asleep

Bronze, 2014, cm 102x50x18

Between the branches des Beaches ...

Bronze, 2013, cm 227x54x32

Above the branches asleep

Bronze, 2013, cm 124x196x75

The tree of Magritte

Patinated bronze, 2013, cm 199,5x58x38

Black magic

Bronze, 2013, cm 213x46x43

The war

Patinated bronze, 2013, cm 197x48,5x19

Paolo Borghi, and the delicacy of the sculpture

Through the door of the sculpture

Paul Prtoghesi talk about Paolo Borghi

Important names in writing of Paolo Borghi

The surrrealismo classic Paolo Borghi

Paolo Borghi according to Giorgio Soavi

The monumentality of the dream

Roberto Rates and the originality of Paolo Borghi

Paolo Borghi and metamorphosis

April 1984 ltalo Mussa

Above the gray

Patinated bronze, 2012, cm 223x57x25,5

The lightness of the pain

Patinated bronze, 2012, cm 173x46,5x19,5

Above the landscape

Terracotta, in the year 1995, cm 95x73

Small canto sospeso

Patinated bronze, 2012, cm 157x26x23


Bronze, 2010, cm 238x53x50

On the column of Magritte

Bronze, 2010, cm 205x51x34

Obelisk unstable

Bronze, 2008, cm 43x22x08

The melancholy of pan's

Patinated bronze, 2008, cm 81x161x60


Marble, 2006, cm 143x39x46

Invulnerability of the memory

Bronze, 2007, cm 49x96x30

The union of the opposites

Marble, 1996-2006, cm 73x77x37


Bronze, 2003, cm 130x47x32

Figure and landscape cross

Marble, 2005, cm 124x45x43

At the end of adolescence

Bronze, 2008, cm 248x66x49

Clash infinite

Terra-cotta, 1993, cm 54x65x38

Singing away

Bronze, 2006, cm 86x56,5x20

Outstanding song

Marble, 1999, cm 134x102x40

Waiting For Sappho

Patinated bronze, 2005, cm, 63,5x63,5x16

Ride interrupted

Marble, 1993, cm 70x90x44

Summer solstice

Bronze, 2005, cm 58x32x19

Madness sapienzale

Marble, 1990, cm 120x84x53

Still Spring

Bronze, 2004, cm 60x89x32

The stability of the time

Bronze, 2003, cm 68x26x20

The island in the side

Bronze, 2002, cm 113x45x48


Bronze, 2002, cm 188x26x18


Bronze, year 2002, cm 199x29x27

The perception of silence

Patinated bronze, 1998, 26 cm,5x61,5x14

The Valley of Eden

Bronze, year 1998, cm 50x108x39

The Alps

Bronze, 1996, cm 49x100x30


Bronze, 1996, cm 72x100x37

In the wind of Thrace

Bronze, year 1995, cm 63x27x20


Bronze, 1995, cm 92x32x18

Erosion impossible

Bronze, 1994, cm 48x86x36

On the cliff

Bronze, 1992, cm 155x94x39

Far horizon

Bronze, 1991, cm 130x112x47

The island suspended in the open

Bronze, 1987, cm 80x62x40