The dream of the faun

Terracotta, 2006, cm 137x48x33

Summer solstice

Terracotta, 2006, cm 85x46x31

The tree of life

Terracotta, 2004, cm 245x80x58

Torso English

Terracotta, 2005, cm 82x70x43

Landscape folded

Terracotta, 2004, cm 106x27x36

The echo of the angel

Terracotta, 2003, cm 110x30x19

Figures and flowering

Painted terra-cotta, 2003, cm 201x5x43


Polychrome Terracotta, 2003, cm 115x53x38

The cliffs of Sappho

Polychrome Terracotta, 1998, cm 104x183x89

In the land of the Esperos

Terracotta, 1997, cm 87x108x35


Terracotta, 1996, cm 73x103x38

The venus of the crystals

Terracotta, 1996, cm 139x91x45

The condition of the look

Terracotta, 1996, cm 131x60x72

In the wind of Thrace

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 168x68x50


Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 157x80x45

The great divide

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 88x88x48

The city of cypress

Terra-cotta, 1995, cm 159x97x39

Escape from the city

Polychrome Terracotta, 1995, cm 96x58x31

Erosion infinite

Terra-cotta, 1992, cm 123x220

Ride interrupted

Terra-cotta, 1990, cm 132x173x83

Above the landscape

Terracotta, in the year 1995, cm 95x73

Clash infinite

Terra-cotta, 1993, cm 54x65x38